Steel detailing involves the use of specialized software tools that help create detailed drawings, models, and plans for the fabrication and erection of steel structures. Some of the commonly used software programs in steel detailing include:

1. AutoCAD: AutoCAD is a widely used drafting and design software that offers tools specifically designed for creating detailed 2D drawings of steel structures. It is commonly used for producing layout plans, elevations, sections, and detailed views of steel components.

2. Tekla Structures: Tekla Structures is a popular 3D modeling and detailing software tailored for steel and concrete structures. It allows for the creation of detailed 3D models of steel components and connections, which can be used for fabrication, erection, and clash detection.

3. Advance Steel: Advance Steel is a comprehensive 3D steel detailing software developed by Autodesk. It enables the creation of detailed 3D models of steel structures, as well as the generation of fabrication and erection drawings, bills of materials, and more.

4. Revit: While Revit is primarily known as a Building Information Modeling (BIM) software, it also has tools for steel detailing. It can be used to create detailed 3D models of steel structures and produce construction documentation.

5. SDS/2: SDS/2 is a dedicated software solution for steel detailing and fabrication. It offers tools for creating detailed 3D models, generating fabrication drawings, and managing connections, material lists, and reports.

6. ProSteel: ProSteel is a software package integrated with AutoCAD that focuses on steel detailing and fabrication. It enables the creation of 3D models and the generation of detailed drawings and reports.

7. CADWorx Structure: CADWorx Structure is a software solution for structural design and detailing. It can be used for creating steel structure models and producing accurate construction documentation.

8. StruCAD: StruCAD is a versatile steel detailing software that offers capabilities for 3D modeling, detailing, and automated generation of fabrication drawings.

9. Bocad: Bocad is a comprehensive software solution for steel and concrete detailing, offering 3D modeling, detailing, and integration with manufacturing and fabrication processes.

10. SolidWorks: While SolidWorks is primarily known as a 3D CAD modeling software, it can also be used for steel detailing by creating 3D models and generating construction drawings.

These software tools help steel detailers and engineers create accurate, detailed, and comprehensive representations of steel structures, facilitating efficient communication between various project stakeholders and contributing to the successful execution of steel construction projects.